• A wandering stream, a forested trail – when you’re outdoors, there are many paths to take. Somehow Jon and Gina Brunson ...



    THURSDAY @ 6pm EST


    A wandering stream, a forested trail – when you’re outdoors, there are many paths to take. Somehow Jon and Gina Brunson found the best path that exists in the outdoors – the shared one.

    In 2007, Jon and Gina packed their six children into an RV for a Florida to South Dakota road trip and whitetail hunt. It was the first show for their newest venture, Addicted to the Outdoors (ATTO), which has a revolutionary format that takes viewers along with them as they pursue game.

    Choosing a name for the new show was easy, since both Jon, Gina and their children are Addicted to the Outdoors. Are they living the dream? Yes, their particular dream, where a man, his wife and their children together explore those wandering streams and forested trails of the outdoors.

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  • Crush With Lee and Tiffany is a reality based hunting show displaying what life can be like while hunting with your significant other. ...



    SUNDAY @ 7:30pm EST


    A love for the land.  A love for the hunt.  And a love for each other.

    "Crush with Lee and Tiffany” brings you inside the Lakosky’s home, travels and hearts for a fun journey behind the guts and glory of the outdoor industry.

    Together with their two labs, support from their family and friends such as Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Jeff Foxworthy, Lee and Tiffany have figured out the formula to crushing some of the biggest and best game there is. 

    It all began with love at first "shot”.  As an airline attendant, Tiffany got to see the world, but longed to take her love of the outdoors to the next level.  When she wanted to try archery, she turned to Lee, who was following his passion and working at an archery shop as well as pursuing a career as a chemical engineer. As it turns out, Tiffany was a natural with a bow, which prompted Lee to combine his two pursuits and after getting married in 2003, they moved to Iowa to begin their land management and whitetail dreams. 

    If luck is a combination of hard work and opportunity, then Lee and Tiffany have found it. Through blood, sweat and tears they worked day and night to establish their farms and strict whitetail management program. "Let them go, Let them grow” is a phrase they have learned to live by and is quickly becoming a household hunting term. As Lee believes: "To get a great buck, you have to pass on a really good buck. It’s not about the size of a buck’s rack, but rather the age of the deer when it comes to managing your herd.” When record-breaking bucks started falling, you could hear Tiffany’s celebratory "Yeeesss!” from across the farm, and the hunting industry took notice.  Lee and Tiffany hosted a reality based hunting show called "Gettin’ Close” which was a big hit with viewers and quickly rose to the top of the Outdoor Channel’s ratings. To stay fresh and current with the changing television landscape, they launched the new series "Crush with Lee and Tiffany” in 2008.  The content was reformatted to an even more exciting, edgy and fun programming genre that a broad demographic can enjoy, and one that sponsors find fitting for their brand. 

    Whether you watch them on "Crush” on the Outdoor Channel, or have the good fortune of attending one of their events and meeting them in person, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky not only capture some of the best game, but the hearts of all generations. They’re the real deal, and they’re just getting started. Stay tuned! 


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  • Hunt Masters with Gregg Ritz ushers in an exciting new genre of dynamic outdoor television...



    MONDAY @ 8:30pm EST


    Hunt Masters with Gregg Ritz ushers in an exciting new genre of dynamic outdoor television. Filmed on location across North America’s most scenic and diverse landscapes, this adrenaline-charged, documentary style show chronicles Gregg’s relentless search for a variety of record book trophies. With emphasis on the pursuit of giant whitetails, Gregg treats viewers to epic encounters in the whitetail woods, as well as unforgettable hunts for elk, moose, sheep and other coveted big game trophies.

    A key element of Hunt Masters are the experiences from previous hunts shared by Gregg with fellow professional hunters Jim Shockey, Tom Miranda, Lee Lakosky and others. Their exploits entertain, educate and enlighten viewers like no other hunting show.

    Delivering amazing wildlife footage and gripping overthe-shoulder hunting scenes, Hunt Masters transports viewers to postcard-perfect destinations with Gregg as he draws on his 30+ years of adventure hunting experience to demonstrate what’s truly involved when you sacrifice comfort for the sake of overcoming adversity and pursuing your dreams. Get ready for an unbeatable mix of edge-of-your-seat action and proven tactics to sharpen your own outdoor skills.

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  • Legends of the Fall, produced with truly die hard deer hunters in mind.



    MONDAY @ 8 pm EST


    Legends of the Fall is produced with truly die hard deer hunters in mind. Legends of the Fall chronicles the high-energy hunts and behind-the-scenes action of a dedicated crew of passionate hunters. While the show spotlights a dynamic variety of adrenalinepumping whitetail bow hunts across North America, it also offers a mix of other big game adventures. Shot in a format similar to the hit series "24”, each episode details the lives of all six "clan” members in their tireless, year-round pursuit of all-things whitetail. From shed hunting and food plot planting to preseason scouting and the harvesting of giant trophies, Legends of the Fall promises to feed viewers whitetail addiction.

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  • Whitetail Freaks follows the adventures of hardcore whitetail hunters as they search for mega bucks...



    MONDAY @ 7:30 pm EST


    Whitetail Freaks follows the adventures of a motley crew of hardcore, hard-working whitetail hunters as they spend countless hours in search of mega bucks and memorable hunts with family and friends. Created and hosted by renown whitetail authorities and fan favorite television personalities Don & Kandi Kisky, Whitetail Freaks highlights every aspect of successful whitetail management and top-notch trophy hunting - from food plot planting to hanging treestands to tracking pre-season big buck movement to the selective harvesting of only the biggest, most mature whitetails. A group of dedicated whitetail fanatics capture the true meaning of mega-buck hunting. These hardcore hunters are average, "blue collar Joes” with real jobs and real families – and they all share the same passion: the study, management and harvesting of mature, trophy whitetails.

    The Whitetail Freaks’ reward is measured by more than just antler length; every ounce of sweat equity they invest in their passion represents another part of the story – another chapter in the Whitetail Freaks saga. There’s always work to be done in the whitetail woods, and the "Freaks” are the first ones in the stand and the last ones out. When they roll up their sleeves and get to work, viewers can expect the most comprehensive, entertaining mix of heart-thumping big buck action and educational wildlife management tips and techniques. In Freak County it’s 100% pure venison, zero fat all the time. Tune in each week as Don & Kandi Kisky along with a crew of other whitetail addicts offer a year long look into what it means to be branded a Whitetail Freaks.

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  • BackCountry Quest chronicles the big game hunting adventures of Chris and Casey Keefer...



    Q3/Q4 TUESDAY @ 9:30 pm EST


    BackCountry Quest chronicles the big game hunting adventures of Chris and Casey Keefer, one of the hunting industry’s most popular television personality teams. A dynamic duo who share a lifelong passion for the outdoors, the Keefer Brothers soared to superstar status with the release of their hugely popular show, Dropped: Project Alaska. Chris and Casey bring the same drive, intensity and high-end production value to BackCountry Quest as they pursue big game and big adventure from compass points near and far. Whether they’re chasing Midwestern whitetails, trophy-caliber black bears, rutting bull elk or lovesick longbeards, the Keefer Brothers stop at nothing to give viewers a front row seat to their incredible wildlife encounters and high-energy hunts. Each week, this hit show delivers some of the most gripping, documentary-style action the hunting world has ever seen. Tune in and treat yourself to the educational, entertaining, reality-driven success that is BackCountry Quest.

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  • Chris Keefer has an unrelenting drive to pursue big deer. From the time he witnessed his first buck



    TUESDAY @ 9:00 pm EST

    Dropped: Project Yukon

    Chris Keefer has an unrelenting drive to pursue big deer. From the time he witnessed his first buck hit the ground, he was immediately hooked on all-things-whitetail. The elder Keefer brother by four years, Chris got his start in the hunting industry by working as a whitetail guide. That experience shaped him into a diligent student of the whitetail game, and helped him hone the skills that have proven critical on his own hunting adventures. As co-host of BackCountry Quest and Dropped, Chris spends countless hours in pursuit of a wide array of big game trophies in some of the world’s most epic destinations. His ability to capture the essence of the hunt and share it with viewers is a huge reason why he’s an acclaimed outdoorsman and filmmaker, as well as one of the industry’s most respected pro staffers. Always focused on educating viewers about the gear he trusts for his safety and success, Chris enlightens and inspires fans like few other outdoor television personalities before him.

    Casey Keefer began hunting at an early age, and was addicted from the get-to. With a goal of turning his bowhunting passion into his life’s work, he followed the same path as Chris and guided whitetail hunters for several seasons. After a few seasons of consistently putting his clients in front of trophy-class deer, Casey quickly evolved from hunting guide to popular television personality. Casey’s focus has always remained the same: to entertain and educate viewers, and to spread the word about high-quality products that have proven critical in his success. His intensity, honesty and ability to tell an authentic, compelling story with cutting-edge production value has made Casey a fan favorite personality and a highly sought after pro staffer for many of the top brands in the outdoor industry. A self-professed whitetail addict who spends more than 250 days a year studying, scouting and hunting big bucks, Casey is always ready to chase big game and big adventure.

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  • Drop Zone TV, a highly acclaimed reality hunting show, is the celebrated collaboration...



    SUNDAY @ 11:00 am EST

    Team Drop Zone TV

    Drop Zone TV, a highly acclaimed reality hunting show, is the celebrated collaboration between veteran outdoor industry personality Hal Shaffer and two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Greg "Zippy” Zipadelli. The duo met on a Kentucky whitetail hunt seven years ago, and immediately became good friends. Since then, Shaffer and Zipadelli have shared many memorable hunts, and now bring their unforgettable adventures to their many fans each week. Drop Zone’s focus is equal parts big game hunting action and entertainment, as Shaffer and Zipadelli aim to deliver a half-hour of fun, excitement and education to hunters of all skill levels. From Alaska to Argentina and Canada to Mexico, the Drop Zone crew treats viewers to a mixed bag of big game hunting action each week. This hit show features dramatic hunting footage, high-end production value and the real life adventures of a team of dedicated, passionate outdoorsmen. In addition, viewers gain interesting insights into the mind and life of one of NASCAR’s most successful and celebrated crew chiefs.

    Blazing the trail as only Shaffer and Zipadelli can, Drop Zone introduces an exciting new concept in outdoor programming, as Shaffer and Zipadelli host hugely popular gatherings called "DZ Block Parties” in select towns. As they travel the country in search of big game, big laughs and big adventure, Team Drop Zone makes an effort to enjoy as much quality time with their loyal fans as possible - and give away ample amounts of valuable prizes from their impressive list of sponsors. This fun-filled format has been a big hit with their fans, and has helped make Drop Zone a household name.

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  • Leupold’s Pig Man: The Series chronicles the outdoor adventures of Brian "Pig Man” Quaca...



    SUNDAY @ 8:00 pm EST

    Pig Man: The Series

    Leupold’s Pig Man: The Series chronicles the outdoor adventures of Brian "Pig Man” Quaca, a true-blue original and a character at the core, who’s given to a rough and tumble hunting lifestyle aimed at entertaining the masses with a truly unique take on traditional hunting television. Willing to take a hog by any legal means necessary and at all costs, the endeavors and travels undertaken by Pig Man send him across the world with a determined sense to change the way people look at outdoor film. Although Pig Man’s relentless approach to killing hogs is how he earned his nickname, he’s by no means a one-trick pony. From Midwestern whitetails to Eastern turkeys to giant New Zealand red stag, Pig Man’s passion for any outdoor challenge is evident.

    With two hugely successful seasons under its belt, Leupold’s Pig Man: The Series has earned its place as one of the top shows in outdoor television. Having earned consecutive Telly Awards for outstanding television production and the 2010 Sportsman Channel Host of the Year Award in his rookie season, host and executive producer Brian "Pig Man” Quaca has created a pig phenomena with his unique personality, candidness and passion for the hunt – as well the camaraderie between him and his crew that makes each episode fun and memorable.

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  • Greg and Jake Miller would like to welcome you to "THE HUNT", a brand new production



    THURSDAY @ 8:30pm EST

    Greg and Jake Miller would like to welcome you to "THE HUNT", a brand new production designed to showcase what they believe is most important element of any hunting show--which is the hunt itself!     

    Though they're now operating under a new name, Greg and Jake will retain the same 'Road Warrior' approach that consistently garnered top viewer ratings for them in the past.  The father and son team will continue to hunt no fewer than 10 different states each season.  What's more, the majority of these hunts will be conducted in areas that are accessible and affordable to the average deer hunter.

    And as they've always prided themselves on doing, Greg and Jake will continue to find their own hunting areas, do their own scouting and select and prepare their own stand sites.  Most importantly, Greg and Jake will strive to ensure that the animals they harvest remain the focal points and true "Stars" of their shows.  It's an aspect of their approach that viewers have always found very refreshing.

    Though viewers of "THE HUNT" will notice a definite change in format and production style, popular educational core elements will remain unchanged.  The award winning segment, "Zooming In", will use sophisticated satellite imagery and advanced graphic techniques to dissect and explain the feature hunt of each episode.  While another special segment, "The Breakdown", will provide viewers with a thorough cross-section of the critical factors that led to a successful secondary hunt.  

    Along with placing special emphasis on the strategies and techniques that are employed each week on "THE HUNT", Greg and Jake also will hi-lite the gear and equipment that played a role in their success.  

    The initial primetime airing of "THE HUNT" will take place on Thursday evening, July 4th at 8:30 Eastern/7:30 Central on Outdoor Channel.


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