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Sporting size 16 Nikes and a Number 52 jersey, Brad Miller is ranked first in the NBA among centers in assists. He has played on two All-Star teams and is one of only five undrafted NBA players to make an All-Star team. After 14 successful years in the NBA, the Indiana Turkey sunk his last 3-pointer in 2012, trading his 52 jersey for camo and overalls.

Even after the glitz and glam of being an NBA superstar, Brad has stayed true to his roots as a small town Indiana country boy. When he’s not playing ball or volunteering his time with charities, Brad Miller goes home to his 900 acres in Indiana to hunt, fish, and ride four wheelers. Now entering his fourth season as the host of Country Boy Outdoors, Brad is well adjusted to the pressure of getting the kill. Following three successful seasons with Jon Brunson, Brad is branching out on his own to take his all-star friends and hometown buddies on the adventure of a lifetime.


The "Country Boy" Advantage

  • Now with 900 acres of his own farmland, Brad has the resources to live out his dream of hunting, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors.
  • After a career of depending on brands and products to give him the tools he needs to succeed, Brad puts all of his trust in the products he uses, whether it’s on the court or out in the woods.

Air Times & Network Demographics

Q3-Q4 (26 Weeks)
Saturday 11:30a ET
+2 Additional Times

31 Million viewers and growing each year

92% of network programming is dedicated to hunting, fishing, and shooting

Explosive growth in the 18-49 demographic