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The Dropped Story

Show Concept

The outdoor industry begged for something different, and the Keefer Brothers responded in a big, big way. Dropped with Chris and Casey Keefer truly raises the bar in outdoor adventure programming. This revolutionary hunting documentary-style show sets new standards in storytelling, production value and pulse-pounding adventure. The ground breaking and highly acclaimed Dropped: Project Alaska turned heads and redefined documentary-style reality hunting. The hit show detailed the Keefer Brothers’ grueling trek over 110 river miles of some of the world’s most perilous yet game-rich country as Chris and Casey spot-and-stalked caribou, moose, black bear and wolves over the course of an epic 28-day backcountry adventure. The Keefer Brothers continue this revolutionary platform in the much-anticipated second season of Dropped as they once again test their skills as hunters, woodsmen and fishermen amid a dangerous, unforgiving landscape. Filmed in the Keefers’ trademark documentary style, Dropped gives fans an up close, unapologetic look at what it takes to conquer the elements and survive on nothing more than instinct, endurance, skill and the desire to press on - no matter what stands in your way. A true test of man vs. nature, Dropped promises to entertain viewers like no other show.


Host Bio

Chris Keefer has an unrelenting drive to pursue big deer. From the time he witnessed his first buck hit the ground, he was immediately hooked on all-things-whitetail. The elder Keefer brother by four years, Chris got his start in the hunting industry by working as a whitetail guide. That experience shaped him into a diligent student of the whitetail game, and helped him hone the skills that have proven critical on his own hunting adventures. As co-host of BackCountry Quest and Dropped, Chris spends countless hours in pursuit of a wide array of big game trophies in some of the world’s most epic destinations. His ability to capture the essence of the hunt and share it with viewers is a huge reason why he’s an acclaimed outdoorsman and filmmaker, as well as one of the industry’s most respected pro staffers. Always focused on educating viewers about the gear he trusts for his safety and success, Chris enlightens and inspires fans like few other outdoor television personalities before him.

Casey Keefer began hunting at an early age, and was addicted from the get-to. With a goal of turning his bowhunting passion into his life’s work, he followed the same path as Chris and guided whitetail hunters for several seasons. After a few seasons of consistently putting his clients in front of trophy-class deer, Casey quickly evolved from hunting guide to popular television personality. Casey’s focus has always remained the same: to entertain and educate viewers, and to spread the word about high-quality products that have proven critical in his success. His intensity, honesty and ability to tell an authentic, compelling story with cutting-edge production value has made Casey a fan favorite personality and a highly sought after pro staffer for many of the top brands in the outdoor industry. A self-professed whitetail addict who spends more than 250 days a year studying, scouting and hunting big bucks, Casey is always ready to chase big game and big adventure.

The "Dropped" Advantage

  • Chris and Casey Keefer’s lives depend on the equipment they bring on their adventures. Therefore, Dropped presents a unique opportunity to highlight products being used in the very harshest of environments under real-world circumstances.
  • Chris and Casey Keefer are engaging characters and their stories captivate audiences wherever they go. Personal appearances and endorsements are in high demand with the Keefer Brothers and they make the time to accommodate most any reasonable request.
  • Dropped brings reality TV to the hunting industry. Rather than a well-planned hunt, Dropped offers viewers a peak into what survival in the backcountry really looks and feels like. Investing in Dropped allows a sponsor to get in on the ground floor of something truly special and unlike any other program airing on the Sportsman Channel.
  • The use of the brands highlighted in Dropped is intense and ever present. Brand owners get an enormous return on their investment as the Keefer’s use their products to survive and thrive in each and every episode.
  • The Sportsman Channel sets in motion impressive social media initiatives to build excitement around the unveiling of each season’s new location.


  • "Chris and Casey have been a dream to work with. They have awesome attitudes, an unbelievable work ethic, and lay down some of the best produced footage out there! Heavy props from Rage Outdoors!!"

    ~Jon Syverson

    VP of Sales & Marketing, Rage Outdoors LLC

  • "The Keefer brothers are dedicated to perfection and the highest quality production possible. These boys are as diehard as they come."

    ~Alex Gyllstrom

    Marketing & Merchandising Manager, Scent-Lok

Air Times & Network Demographics

Q4 (11 Weeks)
Thursday 8:00p ET
Thursday 11:00p ET
Saturday 11:00a ET
+2 Additional Times
and Multiple Marathon Cycles

31 Million viewers and growing each year

92% of network programming is dedicated to hunting, fishing, and shooting

Explosive growth in the 18-49 demographic